Eight woodwind musicians, (2 Oboes, 2 Clarinets, 2 Horns, 2 Bassoons), from the Bruckner Orchestra Linz established the Oktavian Ensemble with the idea to perform music for these instruments not only from the classical era but also from the modern literature.

The aim of the ensemble is to produce an individual body of sound in original works and arrangements and to attain the highest level possible, just as it was so wonderfully produced some 200 years ago. When required, the Ensemble can be augmented with other instruments thus allowing the Oktavian Ensemble to explore an even broader musical repertoire as well as the possibility to work in conjunction with composers of our time.
A special detail in performances is paid to the characteristics of the typical Viennese woodwind sound and with this foundation they develop a very unique and unmistakable style of sound.

Oboes: Franz Scherzer, Martin Kleinecke
Clarinets: Günther Gradischnig, Gernot Fresacher
Horns: Robert Schnepps, Walter Pauzenberger
Bassoons: Johannes Platzer, Clemens Wöss